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How do you do it?

The use of our unique techniques to repair little dent ´s damage, and our qualified technicians, allows us to achieve satisfactory repairs in most cases. These tools help us to locate the exact spot on the dent, until the damaged area is undetectable.

And the painting?

Surfaces treated with our system do not need any repainting, mantaining original quality and cataphoresis process



What risks have undamaged surfaces?

There are no risks compared with the traditional method of bodywork and paint with colour differences depending on age and suppliers that depreciate significantly the value of the car

How long does the repair take?

Repairs are fast and can be done at the customer´ s home or office



Are parts replaced for new ones?

No parts are replaced, only damaged areas are repaired

Is it expensive?

Our revolutionary process will save you up to 50% of what a traditional body shop would charge to repair the same damage.




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