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Paintless Dent Removal PDR

Acrofix is specialised in removing dents completely from your vehicle for any of the following reasons:

Hailstorms, one of the main causes of dents in vehicles
Door dings
Small dings caused by lying heavy objects on the hood, roof or trunk
Scratches bumper scuffs


One of the main dent causes is mighty hail. As a result of massive storms, frozen rain known as hail, may appear. Specially when it is originated from ascendant air currents. It is in this case when hail can remain in the atmosphere for a longer period of time, therefore, increasing its size. When the air mass is no longer going up or when hail has grown enough, the air layer cannot hold it no more and that is when it falls to the ground. Its size may vary between 0.5 and 2.00 cm.diameter, usually damaging considerably crops, installations and vehicles found outdoors.

PDR System, also known as Paintless Dent Removal is, without any doubt the art of using specially designed tools in order to remove dents and restore completely the panels of the vehicle. This technique is being used through the years by car industries, in order to remove small dents originated during the mounting process. Later on, Italians and Americans engineers continued improving this technique, creating companies exclusively to perform PDR on vehicles. Nowadays many European companies are successfully using PDR technique. With PDR, metal is virtually "massaged" from the interior of the panel, until the damaged area becomes invisible, fixing heights and levels with great accuracy. No painting or body fillers are necessary, thus preserving your car´s original paint finish. Using PDR allows to repair all type of dents in doors, roofs, hoods, bonnets and fenders, as long as paint has not been damaged or metal been creased


PDR in most of the times, allows to repair vehicles in a brief lapse, saving by this time and money. In addition to this, it is not necessary to transfer vehicles for repairing. The job can be done at the vehicle manufacturer ´s address, distributor, car dealer, or just at the customer ´s home. All this contribute to a 30% saving, being possible to reach a 50% depending on the damage, in comparison with traditional techniques


This way of repairing – used by Acrofix following the described technique - , not only helps lowering costs against other techniques, but it also keeps the original personality of the vehicle and its paint original features, given the fact that the whole process is made without repainting the damaged parts


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